Calling all Data Enthusiasts! Big Data LDN Meetups are run by the creators of the Big Data LDN conference & exhibition.

Speakers at our meetups are global industry experts, focusing on how to build a successful enterprise-wide data culture. Our speakers explain how to align business objectives with data strategy, highlighting issues around data ownership, GDPR, culture, skills, regulation, governance and strategic technology architecture. Big Data LDN meetups examine the emerging Chief Data Officer role and critical issues around data privacy and security.

Expect case studies from pioneers in the field, showing how IT can work with business managers and data analysts to provide the modern infrastructure, analytics tools and data integration that they need. Big Data LDN meetups examine the top use-cases for Big Data and Analytics and provides practical advice on the pitfalls to avoid and how to ensure success.

All meetups are free to attend and all skill levels are welcome!

The Blueprint Series: Principles of Modern Data Architecture

Thursday, 14th March 2019


ALT/TAB @ Code Node:Skills Matter

10 South Place, Moorgate, London

Introducing the Big Data LDN Blueprint series of Meetups, focused on the latest trends in Data Architecture.

TALK 1: Anselmo Rodrigues da Silva, Director of Software Development - Data Technology and Tools, Expedia Group.
‘Building a Solid Foundation: The Modern Data Architecture at Expedia Group’

TALK 2: Barclays Bank – Speaker TBC

TALK 3: James Adams, Practice Lead – Workforce planning, Eden Smith.
‘The importance of the ‘why’ behind what you do' - Engaging the people-power that underpins your data architecture.

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