10:40 - 11:10  |  Data Governance Theatre

Scoring Goals with Data: The Playbook for Securing Funding & Success

Thursday 21 September 2023


Winning hearts and minds to secure funding for data capabilities rarely starts with Data Governance at the core. If you really want to score those goals, it starts with the Why. Why Data Culture should be at the centre of your strategy, Why data is a key enabler to your business objectives and Why that data should be treated as an asset. Data Governance is the foundational layer, but the potential it unlocks is the sweet spot to winning that penalty shoot out.

In this informal fireside chat, Helen and Lou, will draw on their experience from CDO roles and leading large scale data led functions to give you the foundations for building a compelling case for data management and securing the funding you need. You’ll takeaway how to craft stories that resonate with your leadership team, how to frame the benefits & frame the risks of doing nothing, and why you need a positive and open attitude to build trust and be successful.