14:30 - 15:00  |  Fast Data Theatre

Using fast-data to make what we all need: faster CPUs, GPUs, memory and storage

Wednesday 14 November 2018


Semiconductor fabrication plants build devices with billions of components, each 1000x smaller than the human hair, with some features that are only a few atoms across. They are the most highly automated manufacturing environments in the world: In large fabs, time-series sensor data alone tops 50 TB/day, and combining that data with subject-matter-expertise fast enough to keep the automated production equipment functioning, is a major and growing challenge. The level of collaboration required to build high-performance real-time analytics, combined with the IP-sensitive nature of the data, results in a unique DataOps environment, where the use of Cloud resources serves to complicate rather than simplify the value equation. We’ll explore some of the challenges, and discuss the attributes of a PaaS that could help the industry tackle its fast-data challenges.