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IOblend is an advanced enterprise DataOps platform developed by Connect.IO Ltd. The platform revolutionises the way you build and manage your data estate and production-grade dataflows: from the simple to the most complex, significantly speeding up development effort and reducing the costs of all data projects and data science initiatives. IOblend facilitates federated domains (Data Mesh) by design right out of the box.

Powered by our revolutionary engine and utilising the efficiency of Apache Spark™, IOblend takes Data Engineering and Data Management to the next level. Connect to any source, perform on-the-fly transforms of streaming and batch data, and sink the results to any destination with little effort. Automatically create and manage data lakes and data warehouses in the cloud, on-prem and hybrid environments. Stream your data from and to any system, database, and edge devices. Know what your data does in real time, all the time. Empower your data community to easily work with the data estate themselves while resting assured it will be automatically robust and fully looked after by our software. Digital transformation has never been easier. Create Data Mesh architectures fast and cost effectively