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QuestDB is the fastest open source time series database.
Ingesting, storing, tracking, and analyzing fast-moving data is a complex engineering task. Traditional databases are not designed to track changes in sequences of data over time and QuestDB makes a difference here. We support ingestions up to over 1 million data points per second, without compromising query latency.

We care a lot about developer experience: QuestDB is compatible with PostgreSQL, and we support several SQL extensions. Working with timestamped data is made easy thanks to QuestDB.
QuestDB has many use cases such as financial markets tracking (including crypto currencies), connected devices, fleet tracking, application monitoring, time-series forecasting, network traffic analysis, and embedded data.
We are constantly exploring new ways to utilize our technology. As an open source project, we welcome you to join our community - visit our GitHub project https://github.com/questdb to find out more.