12:40 - 13:10  |  Fast Data Theatre

Break Barriers In Real-Time with Data Streaming

Wednesday 21 September 2022


Some business users and customers need analytics-ready data in real-time, others need materialized views in a business format, and some want all of the above! Learn how data streaming and change data capture can help you serve all your business stakeholders with real-time data that is fully modeled for analytics use cases. All you need is SQL and an open mind!

We will discuss and cut through the latest trends in data including data products, data mesh, and data lake houses to help model your path to data engineering excellence. All the aforementioned terms are ultimately about one goal: making data accessible, self-service, and actionable across your company.

We’ll walk through an example of a decentralized data lake at a Fortune 500 Retail company that leverages data streaming and change data capture to decouple data delivery to multiple groups with different requirements and needs. You’ll walk away from this talk ready to architect an advanced data stack for all types of companies.