10:00 - 10:30  |  Big Data LDN Keynote Theatre

Rewire for Data Mesh: Atomic steps to rewire the sociotechnical backbone of your organization

Wednesday 21 September 2022


Standing at an inflection point is a magical experience. It’s where we look at what has come before, learn from it, and choose a new path. Data Mesh has motivated many organizations to stand at an inflection point of their approach to data. It has surfaced the underlying conditions for slow and costly attempts in getting value from data, and it has set the eyes on a new destination. But the motivation alone is not enough.

In this talk, Zhamak, tells a short story of why we are here, what has happened before the inflection point of Data Mesh. Where are we heading, what the future after Data Mesh looks like. What is anchoring organizations from moving forward and moving fast.

She leaves the audience with some practical steps to rewire an organizational brain — behavior and technology — to make atomic changes toward Data Mesh and move to new heights.