10:30 - 11:00  |  Data Driven LDN Theatre

PRA Group: What we’ve learned from 10 years of Data Warehouse Automation

Thursday 23 September 2021


This is your chance to learn about a mature data warehousing project from data professionals who use WhereScape every day.

Data Warehouse Automation produces a jump in productivity by replacing repetitive hand coding tasks with a code generator, but what advantages does it give in the long term?

Join us for an informal discussion with Neil, Head of Data & Insight, and Gloria, Data Engineer at PRA Group, in which we discuss the many other benefits an holistic automation tool brings to the data ecosystem.

We will discuss how automation enables PRA to:

· Automate the creation of scalable data solutions and roll them out to 18 countries worldwide.
· Bring disparate data sources together quickly to spend more time on analysis and less on collation.
· Enable Agile principles for more time consulting with the business and less at a green screen.
· Reduce risk by rapidly spinning up prototypes and quickly starting again if the design is not right.
· Document the entire data ecosystem at the click of a button, saving time on dull, repetitive work.