10:30 - 11:00  |  DataOps Theatre

Super-Powers for Complex Operations with Graph Analytics

Thursday 23 September 2021


Data Operations is complicated and getting more challenging as complexity grows, and we become ever more reliant on data operations. Last century we coped by adding universal log scanning and pattern matching, but that doesn’t help us when the effect of a failure is remote from the cause, and our linked services become finer-grained and more heavily interlinked across the enterprise.

Graph analytics is a powerful tool for developers to map and visualise complex IT systems and deploy machine learning algorithms to trace and predict process failure. TigerGraph Cloud uses real-time, scalable graph analytics to turn every operator into Tony Stark, finding and eliminating issues before your boss gets “the call”.

Join us as we demonstrate how TigerGraph Cloud can reduce business disruption, giving external and internal customers the best possible experience and ultimately improve bottom-line profitability and customer service.