11:20 - 11:50  |  Fast Data Theatre

The enterprise guide to building a Data Mesh

Thursday 22 September 2022


Clouds. Lakes. Warehouses. What do they have in common? Centralised data platforms.
The recent rise of the term Data Mesh brings decentralisation but it leaves many
organisations struggling to understand what and how to actually build one. This talk
will dive into the journey you must take to reach the ultimate goal of making every
dataset self serve.
The term data mesh is based on a set of principles, but how can your product teams
use these to manage their data domains to publish feeds in a governed manner? What
technologies and operational practices should you use when implementing these
principles? Data is now a shared responsibility throughout your organisation, this
decentralised approach to data management gives everyone the opportunity to
explore new ways of putting data to its best use.
Confluent Kafka can act as the backbone of the mesh, being a single source of truth
that enables individual data consumers to decide what to consume and how to remodel
to present to users needs.
I will be showcasing practical recipes and the open source tools that have been applied
in leading global organisations which can be combined to build a secure and scalable
data mesh which fits your organisation.