10:40 - 11:10  |  Data Strategy Theatre

Thriving & Winning – Beyond Knowing the Why of Data Management:

Thursday 22 September 2022


Every day the demand and pressure for Data Management practitioners to deliver tangible value is increasing. In the context of the current backdrop, it is estimated between 65-85% of data project fail.

How Data Management practitioners respond to the demand due to the increase of data-driven technologies and human behaviours changes are fundamental for success.

As a result, the need to know beyond the why of Data Management would help any data management team successfully deliver any Data Management strategy and proposition.

This session is to share my curated “beyond the why things” as a Data Management leader based on my experience in the data trenches and working across various industries and sectors.

It is important for those in the profession to consider and develop them to help them deliver successfully their various data management propositions in their organisations.

For other looking to join the Data Management profession, to understand what they need to develop to help them thrive and win instead of survive in the Data Management space.

Don’t forget Data Management is an art and science as well.

Key Takeaways
• Understand the habits needed to be successful as a Data Management Leader
• Help Data Management practitioners set up for success to thrive and win in the data trenches
• Simplify the key essential and desirable acumen to have as Data Management practitioners.