13:30 - 14:00  |  Data Mesh Theatre

Tips for Designing Modern, Sustainable Data Architectures

Wednesday 22 September 2021


Today, companies small and large, commercial and non-commercial need data, and they need that data in the right form and at the right time. This is key to becoming a data-driven organization. But it is easier said than done. Data architectures are required that meet current and future data requirements. Companies need modern and sustainable data architectures.
Currently, many companies are designing separate architectures for separate forms of data usage. For example, data warehouses are designed to support more traditional forms of BI, data lakes are designed to support data science, data hubs are designed to support operational BI applications. The result is a labyrinth of independent and rather inflexible data architectures.
This session explains the importance of modern, flexible and sustainable data architectures in this era of data-driven organizations and discusses tips on how to design such data architectures.