14:40 - 15:10  |  Analytics & Decision Intelligence Theatre

Transformative AI: Beyond the ‘GenAI’ phenomenon

Wednesday 20 September 2023


Discover the profound potential of AI that extends far beyond the buzz of 'GenAI' with this insightful session. We'll explore how the partnership between Dell and NVIDIA plays a pivotal role in propelling AI from hype to real-world transformation.
Delving into the analogy of an iceberg, we highlight GenAI as the visible tip and emphasize the crucial, often unseen, infrastructure beneath. Our focus shifts to the vital components shaping this foundation, such as Dell's tailored storage solutions accommodating AI's data demands, and NVIDIA's GPUs powering high-performance computations.
Through case studies, we spotlight the collaborative impact of Dell and NVIDIA across industries, showcasing AI's ability to revolutionize practices. Looking forward, we emphasize the importance of scalable solutions for future-proofing AI endeavors.
Join us to transcend the confines of GenAI and embrace the intricate reality of transformative AI. This session unveils how strategic partnerships and robust infrastructure harmonize to fuel AI's journey toward shaping a smarter world. Prepare to explore a nuanced perspective on AI's evolution that surpasses the hype and embraces the true essence of transformative AI.