Kamila Hankiewicz

Managing Director


Passionate about improving the world through uncovering insights in data that companies already have. At Untrite we help employees spend less time in mind-numbing tasks and rather focus on creative, value generating activities.

Imagine how much easier your employees life would be if they could use technology to tap into the know-how of what's already been created in your organisation and build on top of that. How many times did your people reinvent the wheel because they didn't know whom to ask for advice on similar project already run?

Kamila's past life includes working as a Management Consultant with a focus on banking, where she was involved in £1.65bn digital transformation project for two of the largest international banks.

She is a vivid advocate for female entrepreneurship, helping other women to start their businesses via managing London chapter of an international NGO Girls in Tech. The local group has an active member base of more than 9 000 people, with more than 125 000 globally.
Some of the events Kamila organised include: a series of Startup F*ckups events interviewing prominent CEOs such as Dr. Ali Parsa of Babylon, Tom Blomfield of Monzo, Hiroki Takeuchi of GoCardless, Catalyst Conference (TED style talks), Demo Day (female-led startup competition), Getting Into Tech workshops showcasing a variety of different roles available in technology.

Kamila blogs about failures in business and lessons learned via my blog hankka.com and on my instagram @_hankka.
She hosts "Humans of AI" video interviews with prominent people solving some of the world's toughest problems with the use of AI - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7qPUVnjrzb4oFwtAmDOTtw. Some of her guests include: Lord Tim Clement-Jones from House of Lords, David Barber from UCL, Rana el Kaliouby from Affectiva and many more.