Robin Sutara

Chief Technology Officer (EMEA)


From repairing Apache helicopters near the Korean DMZ to the corporate battlefield, Robin has demonstrated success of navigating the high stress, and sometimes combative, complexities of data-led transformations. She has consulted with hundreds of organisations on data strategy, data culture, and building diverse data teams.

Robin has had an eclectic career path in technical and business functions with more than two decades in tech companies, including Microsoft and Databricks. She also has achieved multiple academic accomplishments from her undergraduate to a juris doctorate to a masters in engineering leadership.

From her first technical role as an entry-level consumer support engineer to her current role in the C-Suite, Robin often shares her personal story of surviving domestic violence, the criticality of allies, and how to use these experiences to build your power.

In her spare time, Robin enjoys traveling with her family and triathlon/marathon training - or at least as much as you can enjoy hours and hours of exercise while constantly being hungry.

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