Tariq Bhatti

Head of Data and Analytics


Tariq is the Head of Data and Analytics for the Nursing and Midwifery Council, focused on analysing and architecting solutions to ensure anyone can get value from their data.
In his early days of his career, Tariq has built data warehouses from the ground up to achieve the concept of Master Data as well as structuring unstructured data in Data Lakes to achieve maximum efficiency for complex algorithms.
Tariq recent successes includes contributing to Peter Jackson and Caroline Carruthers book “Data Driven Business Transformation” on “DataOps” that can drive the right people, process and culture on using data.
Using “DataOps”, Tariq has influenced positive change within various organisations by having a more data driven approach to treat data as an asset as well as managing a high performing team of Data Engineers, Data Analyst, Data Governance and Data Scientists.